Pain Management After Surgery

With today's new and improved pain medications, there is no reason for anyone to tolerate severe pain. By effectively treating pain, you will heal faster, have fewer complications following surgery, and be able to go home and resume normal activities sooner.

The importance of discussing pain control before your surgery:

Discuss pain control options with your physician before you have surgery. Talk about pain control methods that have worked well, or not worked well for you in the past. Also, discuss the following with your physician:
  • Concerns you have about medications
  • Medications that have not worked well for you
  • Allergies you have to any medications or drugs
  • Side effects of pain medications that might occur
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications you take for other conditions
  • The best way of administering pain medication for you

Your physicians and nurses will want to know how your pain medicine is working and whether or not you are still experiencing pain. The physician will change the medicine, and/or dosage, if necessary.